Menggu Relic

Price: 1 S / 1 G

Stacked: 500

Pet Training Rock
A mystical stone that seems to affect pets.
Sunstream's Pet Trainer can use
this to reset your pet's properties
without resetting its level.
Usable only for pets grade 5 and below.

Sold in 'Marketplace' (Alt + J in game)

Name: Menggu Relic

Tab: Mount/Pet - Pet Aid

Price: 3 Gold

Amount: 1

Item can be exchanged
Require NPC Result

Amount: 10

Require special level of school reputation

Pet Master Ellan - Sunstream: 209 42

Pet Master Eikon - Divine Realm: 214 -306

Ascended Menggu Relic Ascended Menggu Relic

Amount: 10