Treasure Chest

Required Level: 60

Price: 0 / 1 G

Disappear after failure

Stacked: 1

A common wooden chest that contains many useful items.
Highly treasured by fledgling warriors and skilled fighters alike.

Refined Faction Weapon x1
Merit Incense ×200
Alliance Badge x1
Portal Scroll ×5
Refined Remedy Orb ×999

Treasure Chest Treasure Chest

Amount: 1 Bind

Refined Serpent Sword Refined Serpent Sword

Amount: 1 Bind

Merit Incense Merit Incense

Amount: 200

Alliance Badge Alliance Badge

Amount: 1 Bind

Portal Scroll Portal Scroll

Amount: 5

Refined Remedy Orb Refined Remedy Orb

Amount: 999

Given after using item
Name Level Active time/Score
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest (55) 55 -