Strength of Union Class (6)


Accept Clan Master's trial. Eliminate the Bloodforgers at the Cave of Fangs to raise the class of the clan skill, Strength of Union.

Kill: Bloodforger (64)  Amount:60


Exp: 200000

Clan skill "Strength of Union"

Clan skill level: 6


Clan Master

"Sunstream" 196 172(164)

Require quests

Quest Stats

Level: 20+

Can't be found from search


Starting Quest Talk:

Thanks to your joint efforts, our clan can be united in the use of clan skills. I think we have the ability to take on one of the great tasks that will increase the level of our clan skills. &name&, Bloodforgers at Cave of Fangs have commited evil acts everywhere, now eliminate them with the most powerful brethrens and sisters in the clan. If you succeed, you can raise class of the skill Strength of Union.
- Thank you for everything.(Start Quest)
- Refuse (End dialog)

Finishing Quest:

&name&, you have accomplished a great task. &family& will become much stronger under your leadership.
- I understand.(End quest)