Shared Fortune Class (12)


Accept Clan Master's trial. Eliminate Vicious Pests at Forest of Rot to raise the class of the clan skill, Shared Fortune.

Kill: Vicious Pest (113)  Amount:120


Exp: 4500000

Clan skill "Shared Fortune"

Clan skill level: 12


Clan Master

"Sunstream" 196 172(164)

Require quests

Quest Stats

Level: 20+

Can't be found from search


Starting Quest Talk:

With all of the provisions you have donated, I think the clan's Shared Fortune is ready to increase. We just need you to complete one more task. &name&, the Vicious Pests in the Forest of Rot need to be eliminated. Do this, and I will teach you how to make better use of the Shared Fortune skill.
- Thank you for everything.(Start Quest)
- Refuse (End dialog)

Finishing Quest:

&name&, you have accomplished a great task. &family& will become much stronger under your leadership.
- I understand.(End quest)