Golden Alms Bowl


The one who has Golden Alms Bowl is following the order from heaven to beg. But Golden Alms Bowl is celestial item, mortals can't own it. But Sage of Vacuity can break the seal on it, then mortals can combine with it.

Items needed to start quest

Golden Alms Bowl Golden Alms Bowl  Amount: 1


Gives special title

Send message to the chat


Sage of Vacuity

"Skysong" -330 -311(331)

Require quests

Quest Stats

Level: 9+

Can't be redone

Fail as player die

Quests in chain:

Character is Unqualified message:

Please wait!

Starting Quest Talk:

The Golden Alms Bowl? It's an item with heavenly strength, and has magic powers, but normal mortals can't use it.
- I heard that I can be combined with this Golden Alms Bowl?
I can break the seal, but I'll be completely vulnerable while performing the proper ritual. Will you please protect me from danger?
- Of course.
The ritual cannot be interrupted. If I stop the process at any time, I will have to start over again.
- How long will it take you to break the seal?
The unsealing process will not take long, but I will need Blood Flower, Lunar Stone, and the Sculpture or Rebirth to break the seal.
- I'll go and find them.(Start Quest)
- How can I find them? I quit. (End dialog)

Finishing Quest:

The seal has been broken! Do you want to combine with it?
- Yes.(End quest)
World chat message: Congratulations! $name combined with the Golden Alms Bowl, and became a King of Beggars.