Dragonbile Concoction Charm

Type: Charm


Required Level: 50

Price: 10 S / 5 G

Health +230

Spirit +270

Dragonbile Concoction level +1

Stacked: 1

Item can be crafted
Recipe Materials

§Dragonbile Con. Charm

Level: 1

Dragonbile Concoction·Metal Dragonbile Concoction·Metal

Dragonbile Concoction·Wood Dragonbile Concoction·Wood

Dragonbile Concoction·Water Dragonbile Concoction·Water

Dragonbile Concoction·Fire Dragonbile Concoction·Fire

Dragonbile Concoction·Earth Dragonbile Concoction·Earth

Used in craft for following items
Recipe Item

Dragon Fangslit Charm

Level: 2

Dragon Fangslit Charm Dragon Fangslit Charm

Item can be acquired
NPC Required Items

Elder of Arcaneness - Jadeon: 4 -433

Arcane Bullion Arcane Bullion (150)

Arcane Coin Arcane Coin (175)

Require special level of school reputation