§Celemirage Trinket 9

Type: Celemirage Trinket

Price: 0 / 0

Stacked: 1

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Celemirage Trinket 9
Spirit +1721
Skill Evasion +9.0
Sleep Resistance +60

Materials Required:
·Celemirage Trinket 8
·Honor Gem x 40
·Gold Leaf x 405

NOTE: This recipe has a chance to fail.
If it fails, the trinket will not be destroyed, but the
other materials will be consumed.

Recipe: Trinket - Trinket - §Celemirage Trinket 9 (Level: 1)

Item can be acquired
NPC Required Items

Elder of Arcaneness - Jadeon: 4 -433

Arcane Bullion Arcane Bullion (3)

Arcane Coin Arcane Coin (6)

Require special level of school reputation