Spirited Body Charm

Type: Charm

Unique (1002)

Required Level: 50

Price: 10 S / 5 G

Health +250

Spirit +250

Spirited Body level +1

Stacked: 1

I'm looking for unknown pleasures

Item can be crafted
Recipe Materials

Spirited Body Charm

Level: 1

Spirited Body·Metal Spirited Body·Metal

Spirited Body·Wood Spirited Body·Wood

Spirited Body·Water Spirited Body·Water

Spirited Body·Fire Spirited Body·Fire

Spirited Body·Earth Spirited Body·Earth

Item can be acquired
NPC Required Items

Elder of Arcaneness - Jadeon: 4 -433

Arcane Bullion Arcane Bullion (150)

Arcane Coin Arcane Coin (175)

Require special level of school reputation