Required Level: 75

Price: 0 / 0

Disappear after failure

Stacked: 1

A common wooden chest that
contains many useful items.
Right-click to obtain the following:

Mount (7 day time limit) x1
Bound Tiamat Blood x5
Perfect Spirit Potion x999
Arcane Bullion x5

JD·Infatuation JD·Infatuation

Amount: 1 Bind

Mount Scroll Mount Scroll

Amount: 1 Bind

Active time/Score: 7 days

Tiamat Blood Tiamat Blood

Amount: 5

Perfect Spirit Potion Perfect Spirit Potion

Amount: 999

Arcane Bullion Arcane Bullion

Amount: 5

Pearl Grape Pearl Grape

Amount: 0

Given after using item
Name Level Active time/Score
JD·Infatuation JD·Infatuation (60) 60 -