Jade Dynasty Sincerity Pack

Required Level: 75

Price: 0 / 0

Disappear after failure

Stacked: 1

A common wooden chest that
contains many useful items.
It can be opened every 5 levels for more items as you level up.

Right-click to obtain the following:

3-Day Limited Fashion (Multiple Choices) x1
Perfect Spirit Potion x999
Bound Tiamat Blood x5
Astrolabe Recharger (7-Day) x1
Meditation Orb x1
Arcane Bullion x5
Pearl Grape (250K Pet Auto-Heal Potion) x1
Perfect Remedy Orb x999

Jade Dynasty Sincerity Pack Jade Dynasty Sincerity Pack

Amount: 1 Bind

Perfect Spirit Potion Perfect Spirit Potion

Amount: 999

Tiamat Blood Tiamat Blood

Amount: 5

Astrolabe Recharger Astrolabe Recharger

Amount: 1 Bind

Meditation Orb Meditation Orb

Amount: 1

Arcane Bullion Arcane Bullion

Amount: 5

Pearl Grape Pearl Grape

Amount: 1 Bind

Glory Fashion Pack 2 Glory Fashion Pack 2

Amount: 1 Bind

Perfect Remedy Orb Perfect Remedy Orb

Amount: 999

Given after using item
Name Level Active time/Score
Jade Dynasty Sincerity Pack Jade Dynasty Sincerity Pack (60) 60 -