Trial·Vile Spirits


Help your fellow Jadeon protect Kunlun Wonderland by killing one Vile Spirit. (The Vile Spirits will leave Kunlun Wonderland soon, so you should hurry.)

Teleport to point

Kunlun Wonderland: 128 29 Height: 117

Kill: Vile Spirit (150)  Amount:1



Chosen randomly

Taichi Pill Taichi Pill - 100 (50%)

Inspiration Inspiration (100%)

Affinity Bead Affinity Bead - 100 (50%)


Jadeon Herald

"Sunstream" 154 138(164)

Max repeat amount


Require quests

Time for quest

19:0 - 22:0

00:0 6/5/2010 - 00:0 8/5/2010

Quest Stats

Level: 30+

Can't be found from search


Starting Quest Talk:

Glad you're here, we need your help. Vile Spirits have moved into Kunlun Wonderland, and we need disciples to drive them out.
- By the time I reach Wonderland, the Vile Spirits may be gone!
We've already recorded their location. I can teleport you there right away. Are you ready?
- I'm ready. Let's go!(Start Quest)
- Wait, let me prepare first. (End dialog)

Finishing Quest:

Excellent work! Take this as a reward.
- Then I'll just help myself.(End quest)